Monoprinting with a Gelli plate

I can’t follow instructions. Not negotiable – I never open the instructions from anything as I can’t follow them. I will watch you tube videos, read articles but then I just have to ‘play’. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t but either way I usually get messy and enjoy the process. Lockdown has meant I’ve had time at home to just get out old craft … Continue reading Monoprinting with a Gelli plate

Learning in Lockdown – Meet Bolt!

Lockdown 2021 has hit harder than ever. People are struggling and some parents trying to home school their children are feeling frustrated and confused. Many are feeling guilty that they aren’t ‘getting it right’. Part of that is due to parents obviously wanting to do their best for their children but not fully understanding the emphasis that is placed on things that ‘weren’t around’ when … Continue reading Learning in Lockdown – Meet Bolt!

When this is all over …

When this is all over … This Is Tommy’s refrain at the minute. Our conversations via FaceTime are discussions about what he’s been doing balanced with what he wants to do ‘when this is all over.’ I think many of us are feeling like that – what WILL happen in the future what will our new normal look like? More to the point what are … Continue reading When this is all over …

How can I help?

Unprecedented times where nothing is as it was. We all have different roles and different skills and I honestly believe that supporting each other is the only way forward. ‘I’m retired ( well sort of) and will be spending a lot of time with at least 2 of my grandchildren. I’ll share photos of what we have been doing as many activities will be outdoors … Continue reading How can I help?