Using Polymer Clay Scraps

Having worked with Polymer Clay for around a year now, I’ve met some incredibly talented and generous people who are always willing to support others. I had a lady message me the other day saying that when she started learning a different craft it was like a ‘secret society’ where people didn’t share. The Polymer Clay community is so different and it feels like there … Continue reading Using Polymer Clay Scraps

E Book – Mokume Gane Polymer Clay

Its almost a year since I started ‘playing’ with Polymer Clay. I’ve made lots of mistakes but more importantly I’ve made lots of progress and lots of new friends. Like many of us I have ‘Imposter Syndrome’ and often feel my work isn’t good enough to share. As it’s almost the New Year, I decided to be brave and share an e book that I’d … Continue reading E Book – Mokume Gane Polymer Clay

Limb Difference Awareness Month April 2022

Note – Our LimbBo website is in the process of having a complete revamp so I’m posting here on behalf of Team LimbBo, I am Possible Foundation and Koalaa. April is Limb Difference awareness month and year after year the message is centred on educating the public about what a limb difference is and the various reasons why they occur. But we want to take … Continue reading Limb Difference Awareness Month April 2022

I’m not strange I’m awesome…

It was all going so well… The LimbBo foundation is growing: families and supporters worldwide, new ambassadors, an activity day in the pipeline, school visits, requests from researchers for support and we were all feeling really positive. The link below is a brief overview of LimbBo for those of you who don’t know us. LimbBo Foundation Then reality hit in the form of one adult … Continue reading I’m not strange I’m awesome…

LimbBo foundation – can you support us?

I make no apologies for once again asking everyone to support us. I know if you follow LimbBo foundation on social media you will know that our ‘board of smiles’ is our inspiration, the look on the faces of our children when they receive their arms or bikes is what keeps us going. Many of you have supported us with donations, time, spreading the word, finding … Continue reading LimbBo foundation – can you support us?