LimbBo foundation – can you support us?

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I make no apologies for once again asking everyone to support us. I know if you follow LimbBo foundation on social media you will know that our ‘board of smiles’ is our inspiration, the look on the faces of our children when they receive their arms or bikes is what keeps us going.

Many of you have supported us with donations, time, spreading the word, finding funding which we can apply for … the list is endless. However, many of you have also asked – how can we help? Well you can help us in a very easy way which won’t cost you anything other than a few minutes extra when you are buying or booking anything online


This link is to our ’cause’ page – if you sign up and then go to retailers through this site they will make a donation to our charity every time you shop. Do you book hotels or train tickets? There is a huge list of participating companies including many big names please have a quick look. Below is just a quick snapshot.


If you could please think of us when you are shopping online you will be adding to our smiles board- Please please share this with all of our friends and colleagues

With love and thanks from #Teamlimbbo #letsmakesomenoise


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