Back to Basics – Mokume Gane Polymer Clay

Thank you everyone for your kind comments on my Polymer Clay booklets (see previous posts). I have had some people saying they are still struggling and so I’ve done a really basic outline of how I create my slab ready for shaving. I hope this will work as a guide for you. Any questions just get in touch @janehmokumegane on Instagram. This is a beginners … Continue reading Back to Basics – Mokume Gane Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay Mokume Gane Workbook

I love working with Polymer Clay and Mokume Gane is my go to technique. However, I found I was creating colours and veneers but couldn’t always remember how I’d made them! (Yes I know – I’m getting old!) Having personally invested in Canva to create graphics for LimbBo, I found that making booklets was an easy way to remember. I’ve put together this booklet to … Continue reading Polymer Clay Mokume Gane Workbook

2023 relaunch of Etsy shop

Just a quick blog post to say I’ve reopened my Etsy shop. My creative blog posts get lots of interest so I have uploaded PDFs of ‘How to…’ onto Etsy. Noticing walks – is all about walks with your camera The Etsy link is HERE POLYMER CLAY – MOKUME GANE – is tips, ideas and images around making polymer clay veneers using the Mokume Gane … Continue reading 2023 relaunch of Etsy shop

E Book – Mokume Gane Polymer Clay

Its almost a year since I started ‘playing’ with Polymer Clay. I’ve made lots of mistakes but more importantly I’ve made lots of progress and lots of new friends. Like many of us I have ‘Imposter Syndrome’ and often feel my work isn’t good enough to share. As it’s almost the New Year, I decided to be brave and share an e book that I’d … Continue reading E Book – Mokume Gane Polymer Clay

Making Artwork from scraps

Polymer clay is a great medium to work with. There are literally hundreds of tutorials on the internet which will give you inspiration. I love the Mokume Gane method and explain a bit more about it in this earlier blog post. I’ve found using stamps and scraps gives me the freedom to experiment on small pieces of clay. I tend to make ‘veneers’ with scraps … Continue reading Making Artwork from scraps