Polymer Clay Mokume Gane Workbook

I love working with Polymer Clay and Mokume Gane is my go to technique. However, I found I was creating colours and veneers but couldn’t always remember how I’d made them! (Yes I know – I’m getting old!) Having personally invested in Canva to create graphics for LimbBo, I found that making booklets was an easy way to remember. I’ve put together this booklet to help anyone who is a beginner (it’s quite basic but helps me!) The pictures below are the separate pages from the booklet and can be printed. If you prefer to read an Ebook then this is the link Mokume Gane Workbook

I’ve recently set up a separate account for my polymer clay work on Instagram @janehmokumegane so if you have any questions that’s where you will find me.

You can buy a PDF download version which is easier to print on my Etsy site Here

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