Book Reviews

Having spent years either developing my own photography, teaching it or writing about it I have amassed the odd one or two photography books! This page is just for me to share some of those with you.

Paris in Color Nichole Robertson  Chronicle Books 2012


I absolutely love this book. It is such a simple concept but so elegantly and cleverly executed that it really works. The book is what the title says – it’s simply is ‘Paris in Color’, each page is superbly captured images around a specific colour palette.


The author/photographer captures details that most people would walk past, signs, street furniture, stalls, street art – it’s just a joy to look through. It’s a book I’ve picked up often and never fails to lift my mood. I’d love to try this but I’m not sure that ‘Barnsley in Colour’ would have the same appeal 🙂


There is a follow up book  New York in Color but I haven’t got hold of a copy of that yet

If you want something to lift your mood and inspire you to start a new project this is well worth a look.