Classroom photography for the Summer

Summer is a great time to be experimental and try out new things with your class. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing ideas around using Photography as a stimulus. Many of these ideas can be found in my book – ‘learning through a lens’


I will put forward ideas for you to try out either yourself or with a class – use the hashtag #PhotochallengeLTAL (photo challenge learning through a lens)

This week is looking at oil and water photography. By using a minimum of resources you can create some amazing images. The Thinglink link at the bottom will give you you tube clips and tutorials.


clear glass or dish


Washing up liquid

A pipette (borrow one from science!)

Cooking oil

coloured paper – Multi coloured wrapping paper or a bright image from a magazine will work.

If you give this a go – please share your results so I can post links on here or add to the thinglink

Get bubbling!


Jane x



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