Polymer Clay – trying surface treatments on Scraps

Its been a busy few weeks but today is a ‘free day.’ Once I’d done my Team LimbBo admin I decided to have a play! I’m working with some online Instagram friends to put together another free ebook – using scraps in Polymer Clay. I have a large storage box full of scrap clay – I basically throw everything in there for Tommy, LJ and … Continue reading Polymer Clay – trying surface treatments on Scraps

Monoprinting with a Gelli plate

I can’t follow instructions. Not negotiable – I never open the instructions from anything as I can’t follow them. I will watch you tube videos, read articles but then I just have to ‘play’. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t but either way I usually get messy and enjoy the process. Lockdown has meant I’ve had time at home to just get out old craft … Continue reading Monoprinting with a Gelli plate

Painting with sunlight

I’ve been playing with dyes and sunlight printing this week. I love it – so easy and so effective – for those of you who asked for instructions and more details here are just some quick guidelines. You need: white cotton or calico fabric Dye na flow paints  – lots of different colours available see the photo in the side bar which will take you … Continue reading Painting with sunlight