Mausoleum of the Giants

If there’s one thing we do well in this country – it’s queuing! Wednesday was a chilly April day but that didn’t stop my friend and I queuing for 3 hours in sunshine, rain, hail and even some snow to see the exhibition ‘The Mausoleum of the Giants’ in Sheffield.  Was it worth it? Hell yes, it was amazing but the actual anticipation and 3 … Continue reading Mausoleum of the Giants

YSP Poppies Wave

Having seen the poppies installation ‘Blood swept lands and seas of red’ at the Tower of London in 2014, I was keen to visit the Wave installation at YSP. This runs from 5.9.15 – 10.01.16 so we decided to avoid the opening weekend and go early this morning. I have never seen YSP so busy – even the overflow car park was looking full. The … Continue reading YSP Poppies Wave

Look at what is around you – visit to Camden

I love visiting places with my camera . Dorothes Lange said ‘A camera is an instrument that helps people to see without a camera’ and this is so true – there are amazing shots to be had every where! I visited Camden last weekend and there was almost too much to look at. So much colour, so many people. If you wander a little from … Continue reading Look at what is around you – visit to Camden