Mausoleum of the Giants

If there’s one thing we do well in this country – it’s queuing! Wednesday was a chilly April day but that didn’t stop my friend and I queuing for 3 hours in sunshine, rain, hail and even some snow to see the exhibition ‘The Mausoleum of the Giants’ in Sheffield. ¬†Was it worth it? Hell yes, it was amazing but the actual anticipation and 3 … Continue reading Mausoleum of the Giants

YSP Poppies Wave

Having seen the poppies installation ‘Blood swept lands and seas of red’ at the Tower of London in 2014, I was keen to visit the Wave installation at YSP. This runs from 5.9.15 – 10.01.16 so we decided to avoid the opening weekend and go early this morning. I have never seen YSP so busy – even the overflow car park was looking full. The … Continue reading YSP Poppies Wave

Look at what is around you – visit to Camden

I love visiting places with my camera . Dorothes Lange said ‘A camera is an instrument that helps people to see without a camera’ and this is so true – there are amazing shots to be had every where! I visited Camden last weekend and there was almost too much to look at. So much colour, so many people. If you wander a little from … Continue reading Look at what is around you – visit to Camden