Polymer Clay – trying surface treatments on Scraps

Its been a busy few weeks but today is a ‘free day.’ Once I’d done my Team LimbBo admin I decided to have a play! I’m working with some online Instagram friends to put together another free ebook – using scraps in Polymer Clay. I have a large storage box full of scrap clay – I basically throw everything in there for Tommy, LJ and … Continue reading Polymer Clay – trying surface treatments on Scraps

Polymer Clay Mokume Gane Booklet 2

Hi all, I’m still experimenting with Polymer Clay, especially the technique know as Mokume Gane. I’m really enjoying this process. I’ve made lots of mistakes along the way and Tommy, LJ and Evi have all loved playing with scrap clay and the pasta machine . I’ve put these ideas together as several people were kind enough to say that my previous ebook helped them. I’ve … Continue reading Polymer Clay Mokume Gane Booklet 2

2023 relaunch of Etsy shop

Just a quick blog post to say I’ve reopened my Etsy shop. My creative blog posts get lots of interest so I have uploaded PDFs of ‘How to…’ onto Etsy. Noticing walks – is all about walks with your camera The Etsy link is HERE POLYMER CLAY – MOKUME GANE – is tips, ideas and images around making polymer clay veneers using the Mokume Gane … Continue reading 2023 relaunch of Etsy shop

Never Say Never …

Never say Never… Is the name of a foundation for limb different families based in the US. It isn’t just a slogan it’s actually a way of life for the children and the volunteers I met at their pirate camp earlier this month. From the child with no limbs who went sailing, to the volunteer with no arms who happily used his feet to kayak. … Continue reading Never Say Never …

Making Artwork from scraps

Polymer clay is a great medium to work with. There are literally hundreds of tutorials on the internet which will give you inspiration. I love the Mokume Gane method and explain a bit more about it in this earlier blog post. I’ve found using stamps and scraps gives me the freedom to experiment on small pieces of clay. I tend to make ‘veneers’ with scraps … Continue reading Making Artwork from scraps

Limb Difference Awareness Month April 2022

Note – Our LimbBo website is in the process of having a complete revamp so I’m posting here on behalf of Team LimbBo, I am Possible Foundation and Koalaa. April is Limb Difference awareness month and year after year the message is centred on educating the public about what a limb difference is and the various reasons why they occur. But we want to take … Continue reading Limb Difference Awareness Month April 2022