There is another way

The 14th Nov has been ringed in my calendar for months! The Big i Foundation Ball and the launch of ‘There is another way’. Sleepless nights, spreadsheets, food allergies, seating plans, last minute changes, table decorations, auction prizes, invoices, daily e mails from Ian, Nina and Crista (all mixed in with the imminent arrival of my granddaughter) meant my stress levels were high. But do … Continue reading There is another way

10th January 2015 10/365

                        I was fortunate to work with a lovely group of people in Derby yesterday. Above is my friend the amazing Dave Harris @bravehead who is the Managing Director of Independent Thinking (spot the tie) We were working with WWEPuk (World Wide Education Project UK) – I’m fortunate to be going to work in a refugee … Continue reading 10th January 2015 10/365