Using Polymer Clay Scraps

Having worked with Polymer Clay for around a year now, I’ve met some incredibly talented and generous people who are always willing to support others. I had a lady message me the other day saying that when she started learning a different craft it was like a ‘secret society’ where people didn’t share. The Polymer Clay community is so different and it feels like there are always people around to ask for help if you are stuck.

I’ve shared booklets of ideas before but @marshingtonart ,who I met on Instagram but now count as a friend, suggested we ask others for help and put together a booklet to raise money for The limbBo Foundation. I’m a trustee of this Foundation as my grandson Tommy was born missing his right hand. If you have 5 minutes please have a look at our website to meet our amazing children.

The booklet is available as an ebook here – its completely free and if you want to print it off the images are below. However, if you have found the booklet useful and feel you could make a small donation to LimbBo’s work we would be very grateful (there is no pressure to do so, just the option if you feel you want to help) You will find the link below ON OUR WEBSITE

Several people said they would help as you can see in the image below:

A special mention to @janmontarsi who not only contributed ideas but proof read the booklet for us.

Instagram links for our contributors are:

Jan Montarsi


Bob and wee Jerry

Miss Hue Designs

The Happy Clay Studio

Jane Hewitt

2 thoughts on “Using Polymer Clay Scraps

  1. Hi Jane

    I have downloaded a booklet and made a donation to The limBo Foundation.

    I love what you are doing. Congratulations and good wishes.

    Sue Shrubb (in Australia)


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