Barnsley Live Support LimbBo Foundation

I’m a trustee for LimbBo foundation – you can see all about our work here – We support children like my grandson #TommyD who were born with a limb difference.


Yesterday was one of those days that reaffirm your faith in human nature. Barnsley Live had chosen us to be their charity for 2019. What a day! We met so many amazing people, from our lovely volunteers who gave up their time for free and worked tirelessly throughout the day, to Mr Softee who gave us his change and free ice cream, to the people who visited our stall and wanted to know more, to those who bought inflatables and treated us to impromptu sing alongs – we thank you all so much.

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It rained, it was windy at times but nothing dampened the good humour of the event. A huge thank you to the organisers for giving us this opportunity and for your support yesterday. To our amazing sponsors who continue to allow our work to happen what would we do without you – your logo on a t shirt doesn’t do anything like enough to thank you. I’m tired and aching this morning but it was SO worth it.

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Please have a look through our pages at the smiling faces your money has supported and thank you to my old friends Sharon and Trish for always being there when I need you

J x

3 thoughts on “Barnsley Live Support LimbBo Foundation

  1. Such an inspirational day
    Loved meeting the people of Barnsley who were so generous and supporting a family dear to my heart

    1. Just watched your wonderful day on tv how proud you must all be of your beautiful children. Made me so happy to watch it you are all a true inspiration. My own father lost his arm during the war and all he ever wanted was to be seen as the man he was not the man with one arm.

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