Lose control in a positive way

I’m a bit of a control freak when it comes to my photography. I shoot in Manual as I like to set my own, shutter speed, aperture and ISO. I have my ‘go to’ editing apps and programs, different lenses for different situations and whilst I’m happy with the results on the whole I decided this morning to abandon control.

I’m fortunate to be returning to Shanghai in October and at the back of my mind I had ideas for projects to use with pupils there. One of them is a #dayinmylife but not in a straightforward way.

I decided to use the App Hipstamatic  which I often use for editing but today was going to use it for taking photographs.

I set the app to complete shuffle  mode so all of my shots would be random, the film and lens would be chosen by the app.

I did not stage any of the photos (I think you can see that by the state of my desk 🙂 which in itself was a challenge as I was itching to move items and create a more pleasing scene

The results are below – I did cheat a bit in that I took a couple of photos of each shot and chose the one I liked best.











I’ve only done half a day but I’m loving the results, borders, light leaks, effects …all random.

Give it a go – the results might surprise you – I’m going to do a proper #day of shots to use as a stimulus for one of my sessions in Shanghai


J x


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