How can I help?

Unprecedented times where nothing is as it was.

We all have different roles and different skills and I honestly believe that supporting each other is the only way forward.
‘I’m retired ( well sort of) and will be spending a lot of time with at least 2 of my grandchildren. I’ll share photos of what we have been doing as many activities will be outdoors and creative but easy to set up.


My main creative outlet is photography so I will be sharing photos regularly on twitter(@janeh271) these will hopefully be a starting point to talk about things with children and I’m sharing thee freely for others to use #photos4sharing

spring 1

Yesterday I went for a walk to see what signs of Spring I could find – easy to do and allows you to notice your surroundings, talk about cycles in nature and hopefully make you feel better for being outdoors

The Photos will be a whole mixture of things but feel free to use the and share them if they are helpful

Stay safe

Jane x


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