E Book – Mokume Gane Polymer Clay

Its almost a year since I started ‘playing’ with Polymer Clay. I’ve made lots of mistakes but more importantly I’ve made lots of progress and lots of new friends. Like many of us I have ‘Imposter Syndrome’ and often feel my work isn’t good enough to share. As it’s almost the New Year, I decided to be brave and share an e book that I’d made. It’s basic and I thought it might help a couple of people. My wonderful friends on the facebook group – Mokume Gane Polymer Clay were all really kind and it started lots of conversations and sharing of ideas and work that people had created.

One really kind gentleman Ron Lehocky, who makes the most amazing Polymer Clay hearts for charity, got in touch and asked if he could share it with Cynthia Tipple who curates Polymer Clay Daily. She duly shared this post. To say I was overwhelmed was an understatement but even more so when I realised there was a link to LimbBo Foundation on there. Those of you who know me personally know that I’m a trustee of this charity that we formed when my grandson Tommy D was born with a limb Difference. One of our aims is to raise awareness of limb Difference and this is a great way for me to help spread the word.

I didn’t ask for payment for this (mainly because I didn’t think it was actually worth anything) but asked that if it was useful then people could ‘pay it forward’ and be kind to someone or maybe make a small donation to their local charity.

I’d just like to say 3 things to my fellow ‘clayers’

Happy New Year 2023

Be brave – share your work and get rid of those self doubts

Thank you all for your support and here’s to making new friends worldwide

J x

I’ve added the pages of my e book as jpegs here if you want to print them off

If you would prefer a PDF that you can download and print easily – you can find a copy on Etsy

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