Noticing Walks – Ebook

As we approach the end of the year lots of people start to think about resolutions and how to approach the New Year.

This is my ‘gift’ to you. Using your phone or camera on walks, looking for details, the unusual, textures, colours and capturing them helps your state of mind. You aren’t setting yourself up to fail with this resolution, just a gentle nudge to get out more and explore your surroundings. There are ideas, pointers and blank pages for your own ideas – Enjoy Jane x

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These are the individual pages for the booklet – feel free to use them if they are helpful – I’d love to see your images – you can tag me in on Twitter @janeh271 #noticingwalks

If you want to order a printable PDF rather than trying to print off individual images I’ve tried to resurrect my etsy shop and you can find it on there x

4 thoughts on “Noticing Walks – Ebook

  1. Jane, thanks for taking so much time to provide us with inspiration, and with a beautiful guide to grow with. Art to me is always about inspiration from my surroundings. I have saved most of the pages in a booklet. I’ll let you know how I do in a few months. Thanks again, and Merry Christmas!

      1. It’s funny how people skip past things without noticing. For instance, it took you a lot of time to put this together, and a heart to share it with others. That’s the soul of an artist, my friend. Thank you. And I will let you know once I get into this. But it will probably be March before I have any definitive results. I explore lots of avenues, from jewelry to clay to leather and papercrafting. I can see use for this in all of those areas.

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