Can you give us a hand – week one

It’s been almost a week since we launched our go fund me campaign ‘can you give us a hand’ in order to raise money for Tommy and Lottie to each have a Bionic arm .

Link to our Go fund me site

To say it has been an emotional week is a bit of an understatement- we now have  £8,855 toward our total of £25,000 . To have raised so much in such a short time shows just how kind everyone has been. We have had donations from friends, families, friends of friends as people have spread the word.

What is lovely and humbling is that Tommy and Lottie’s friends have taken it upon themselves to organise events. Supported by their parents but actually taking the initiative and doing the planning themselves.

Tommy and Lottie really are lucky to be surrounded by so much support. There are lots of fund raisers in the pipe line – some more sensible than others, some more energetic than others but all with the same goal in mind.

We have set up our own store on teemill where t shirts and hoodies supporting our campaign can be purchased.

Again, we’ve found the right people to help us, organic materials, no plastic packaging, planting trees or reducing plastic on certain weekends are all part of their appeal.

We’ve widened our ‘merchandise’ as for every item bought the profits we get as a store are added to our go fund me campaign.

We now have t shirts with children’s favourite sayings and designs – from ‘I love rainbow’ to simply the word ‘No!’ Which is Emilie’s (aged 2) favourite word.

As well as t shirts  we have a whole store of tote bags – hoping to catch the Christmas market! We currently have bags with slogans about nature and photography (both of which I’m passionate about) but are more than happy to design a bag or a t shirt with your favourite slogan.

Please check out our store. Thank you for your support so far and please keep on following our updates lots of love


Please feel free to download and share this poster for us xx

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