Give a hand to get a hand …

If you’ve read my previous blog post Can you give us a hand? You will know that we are trying to raise £26,000 for Tommy and Lottie to have a Bionic arm each from Open Bionics.

After chatting with various people we now have a sky dive, the 3 Yorkshire Peaks, Halloween bike rides, coffee mornings, t shirts for sale …the list is growing daily.

My friend Lisa Jane Ashes who is incredibly creative, came up with the idea of GIVE A HAND TO GET A HAND.

The poster explains this idea for children and schools but the photo (which I found on facebook and I’m sorry I don’t know who created it) sums it up really! If you are old enough to remember ‘Bob a job week’ this is the idea we are aiming for.

We have extra guidelines for schools if they would like to join in and feel they need them. This would fit so well into PHSE, Science, Art … the list is endless.

I had a conversation with a friend of mine yesterday who needs some photos doing for her new website – I can happily do that but instead of a fee could she donate to #teamtommyandlottie ( Our go fund me site will be available hopefully next week) – so effectively I’m doing what ‘GIVE A HAND TO GET A HAND’ is all about. I have skills I can use and it will only takes a couple of hours, I’m happy to be helping, my friend is happy she’s getting her photos and we are both happy to be ‘Giving a hand’ to Tommy and Lottie

If you can help us in any way we’d love to hear from you.

Can you give us a hand please?


Jane, Katie and Sarah


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