Can you give me a hand…

‘Can you just give me a hand…’ is something we’ve all no doubt said. It might be something simple like can you just give me a hand to carry these to my car, can you just give me a hand to put this picture up … BUT on this occasion ‘can you just give me a hand’ literally means what it says for Tommy and Lottie.

These two awesome children were born missing a hand – Tommy his right, Lottie her left – it means they can walk happily linking little arms. 

We recently visited Open Bionics in Bristol – the adjectives, mind blowing, inspirational and life changing may be over used but they are so true in this case. 

Imagine being 7 and missing a hand.

 Imagine being told that you can have an iron man arm or a frozen arm which is Bionic. 

Imagine being told you can operate the fingers just by flexing the muscles in your little arm.

Imagine trying it out … ‘I’m doing it, I’m making it move’

Now imagine you are the parent or grandparent watching these children?

Absolutely we are going to answer the question ‘ can you just give me a hand…’ with a resounding ‘yes kids we will move heaven and earth to do this’.

We can’t however, do it on our own, we need to raise £26,000 so we need a team of supporters , fundraising ideas…we will work non stop to make this happen but by doing so we want to raise awareness of limb difference, give other children hope, get big companies on board, get schools looking at the science behind all this.

Our ‘heads are a shed’ full of ideas and caffeine but we are working with Open Bionics to set up a go fund me page. This is just a heads up – if you could support us in my way however small we would really appreciate it.

Jane, Katie and Sarah



6 thoughts on “Can you give me a hand…

  1. Jane, Marc here from OB.

    I’ve had a few decades of experience of fundraising for various charities such as Scout Groups and other clubs, do you want to schedule a video chat for me to give you some ideas?

  2. I have shared on Facebook and will wait for go fund page but in mean time if I can help in some way (raffles etc) let me know and good luck I know you can do it for you two beautiful children who are a little piece of heaven here on earth 😘😘😘

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