A- Z challenge

A- z nature collage created with Be FunkyHere’s a challenge for you photography enthusiasts out there who love nature and have hundreds of images on their hard drives or phones. Can you create an A-Z collage of your photos? This took me a while and I had to ‘stretch the naming’ (ie cheat) in a couple of places, latin names suddenly became necessary! Some letters were easy – S for instance Snail, squirrel, sunflower, seeds … but then you get to Q or X 🙂

Above is  my effort – can you work out what I’ve used? I’d love to see your collages.

The collage above was created using Be Funky 

If you read my earlier post A year in black and white 


I just thought i’d post this to show rules are meant to be broken – LJ yesterday – too brilliant in colour to turn b & w x

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