Gifts for photographers – Challenges

I was 60 last month (yes I know that’s old ) but alongside the gifts drawing attention to my age, I received these two boxes designed specifically for photographers from my friends #notthegoldengirls

These 30 day challenge boxes are intriguing – I’ve looked and there are a whole range (even a vegan one) by DOIY Design if you google 30daychallengeinstaphoto there are numerous stockists. The two I have are ‘Get your phone’ and ‘Think Happy’.

If you read this post  you’ll see that I’m doing a year in black and white. I usually use my Canon 5D but today I’m in on my own and so decided to have a look at the first one.

Horror of horrors – this is what number 1 says!


There is a reason I’m always behind the camera – I hate having my photo taken! I was asked to take part in a TV advert last year – I politely declined  and the producers were amazed that anyone would turn down the opportunity to be on TV 🙂

I did think about being creative and taking photos of the things I love saying that’s what made me me BUT that’s a cop out! I duly took a phone photo of myself. Tips – to avoid double chins shoot from above, to minimise lines edit to black and white or add texture.

I’ve only looked at day one but these are produced well and look to me like they would create an interesting classroom display (you can take the girl out of the classroom but …)

I’ll certainly be buying some of these as presents – why not be brave and share a selfie today 🙂


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