A Year in black and white

Even if you really love a hobby there are times you you can get ‘stale’ and find yourself doing the same things over and over without challenging yourself. My 365 project this year is #ayearinblackandwhite. I started this on 1st Jan but there is no reason that you can’t start your own project whenever you feel like it.

I’ve done 365 projects before, some just random, some with lists of prompts (I found those hard as I really like to do my own thing and don’t like being told what to do!)  However, there are lots of ideas on pinterest if that is what you enjoy.

Sheffield train station
Sheffield Train Station taken with Lensbaby Velvet 56

I decided on this particular project as it gives me both freedom and structure. I can take photos of what I want but some just don’t work in black and white and I’ve been frustrated at times  – beautiful close up shots of robins don’t work in b and w  however well crafted they are 🙂

There are ‘no rules’ you don’t have to take your photo at a certain time, you can edit or not, use your phone, use your DSLR, post once a day, once a week or never – totally up to you.


Other images which appear to be ‘nothing’ in colour take on a life of their own in black and white and you find yourself looking at textures, light and lines to work out which will have the wow factor.

BeFunky-collage (18)
Collage created using Be Funky

I’m fortunate in that I have friends who also enjoy photography so I can share photo trips with them but I’ve also got a group of amazing twitter friends who are joining in, we share images most days (no pressure if life gets in the way we always catch up) and have a chat – these images are a way of connecting, but in a safe environment where comments are constructive and supportive. We can ask for advice, share places to visit and sometimes just have a smile. Feel free to join us #ayearinblackandwhite tag me in and I’ll comment @janeh271 – it really can be good for getting you outdoors, reducing stress and making you actually notice what is around you.


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