Cyanotypes revisited

The weather is improving and there are now odd days where we have sunshine! I was about to throw out my mother’s day flowers when I realised the foliage would be great for a Cyanotype print. I wrote a very simple blog post last year which will explain the basics of this printing process here.

Here are the three stages of this print –

  1. Pre exposure,

2 . Exposed but not washed (exposed for several hours as the sun isn’t very constant at the minute)

3. Finished -it’s so therapeutic and you never actually know what you are going to get.

Cyanotype exposed but before washing – you can see the grains of Paprika

My husband would describe me as a hoarder as I rarely throw anything out. In this case that worked in my favour as I retrieved my folder of prints from last year. There were many that I’d discarded but not thrown away so I simply recoated one with my chemical mixture (see blog post link above) and created a double exposure. The original print was one I hadn’t even bothered to photograph as it just wasn’t working for me but I actually like it now its been exposed again.

A dry Cyanotype as the base
double exposure Cyanotype

Here’s to lots of sunny days and printing

Jane x

PS the header is an old print from last year – looking forward to my garden leaves unfurling

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