Lensbaby Velvet 56

Following on from my ‘Milestone‘ post earlier this week, my husband has been asking me for ages what I wanted for my birthday. I decided that I wanted to be selfish and have something I wanted rather than needed so after lots of research I decided on a new lens and it arrived this morning! The lensbaby Velvet 56  looks and feels sturdy and allows you to be really creative in producing abstract shots. My first love photography wise (after my grandchildren of course)  is macro shots of flowers (often dead ones šŸ™‚ ).

So although its a cold January day with very little around I’ve been ‘playing today. It’s a fairly steep learning curve and using manual focus needs more concentration but after just a few hours I’m hooked! I need to experiment a bit more but can’t wait for frosty mornings followed by spring flowers






The one below has been edited very quickly with ‘Formulas app’


Jane x

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