I have a milestone birthday coming up this month. I’m at the age where the poem claiming ‘I shall wear purple’ is pertinent. I’m OK with the wrinkles and the grey hairs, I’m even OK with the number of tablets I have to take before I get out of bed. I’m learning to say no – life is too short to do the things I no longer want to do. I’m working hard on being kind and supporting others when I can. My grandma always said ‘a little bit of help is worth a lot of pity’ and it’s something that has always resonated with me.
I hope I’m showing my grandchildren that kindness and love are what matters. Last week LJ climbed onto my knee, flung her arms round me and said ‘I love you mamma’- it brought tears to my eyes. Tommy is a loving little boy who gives the best cuddles ever but is growing up far too quickly. They are my focus, the future.

There have been times in my life when events have meant I’ve been down – miscarriages, death of my eldest son, mum’s dementia and death BUT my friends and family have always been there to pick me up.
When you reach a milestone I think you should stop and take stock, look at what you have and learn to appreciate it.
I’ve learnt:
Grandchildren are the world’s best tonic (so much easier than your own children as you don’t have any rules to impose 🙂 )
Telling people you love them is important – yes they know but it helps sometimes to actually hear the words.
It’s OK to be out of sorts or scared but make sure you say – your friends will know there is something wrong but you sometimes have to say you need help. Likewise be aware of your friends and if they need you.
Enjoy the simple things – kicking leaves in the park costs nothing but brings such huge smiles.


I am of an age where my standards are non negotiable: love, kindness, honesty, decent coffee, flat shoes and lots and lots of hugs – #moonandback
Jane x
aka Granny from Barnsley with a camera (which again is non negotiable 🙂 )


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