#photochallenge 19th July

It’s finally the Summer for most people and even the weather is being obliging! Our #photochallenge today is a little harder. However, you still can’t get this wrong and anyone can join in.Today’s theme is ‘ I want to live in a world where …’ With this statement written over a photo – the only stipulation is that it should be a photograph taken by you or a photo of you! If you have children at home get them to take your photo and add your quote at the bottom or write your quote onto something and hold it. Be as creative as you want. Or ask someone around you for their ideas and take a portrait of them.

This was edited with stackables app and quote added via word swag.

This is my image taken on my phone last night at a friend’s house. Lots of things I could ‘unpick’ – we have been friends for over 40 yrs they are always there, kindness is a given – the flowers were my gift to them, simple home grown, not expensive but given with love.

Lie in the sun and relax, your photo will follow naturally from your quote. Enjoy my little Guinea pigs!! Do you fancy a photo morning next week?? I have decent coffee and biscuits

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