The best laid plans…

Today was a Tommy day. It was also bright sunshine and a beautiful autumnal day. I had this clear shot in my head of Tommy wrapped in a big woolly jumper with his new wellies playing in the leaves.

Playing in Autumn Leaves Cannon Hall
  • The wellies that I bought for Tommy were three sizes too big and fell off when I carried him across to the leaves
  • The leaves were crunchy and made a noise which Tommy didn’t like so he refused to be put down and just clung to my leg.
  • My husband tried to coax him by throwing leaves in the air – Tommy’s look of disgust was comical
  • Plan B was a walk in his pushchair to see if he became more settled with his surroundings – he fell asleep!
  • Plan C was home, food and try again – well the food worked!


In the end it didn’t matter I just let him play – we read books for half an hour, snuggled and shared some burnt toast. He is so adorable he just puts everything into perspective just by being there. He is inquisitive, he is starting to copy sounds and is growing up so quickly. So today I learnt to not stress if things don’t go the way I want them to, to enjoy the little things and improvise!

JMH_9297a   JMH_9390a    JMH_9369a

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