YSP Poppies Wave

Having seen the poppies installation ‘Blood swept lands and seas of red’ at the Tower of London in 2014, I was keen to visit the Wave installation at YSP. This runs from 5.9.15 – 10.01.16 so we decided to avoid the opening weekend and go early this morning. I have never seen YSP so busy – even the overflow car park was looking full. The … Continue reading YSP Poppies Wave

Weeds can be beautiful too

I’m a lover of dead flowers and the texture and lines they contain but I also love weeds! If you find the right light some weeds will give you really abstract images which look amazing when they are printed in a large format. Its about what you see – there is beauty everywhere. These were all taken at RSPB Fairburn Ings today where the light … Continue reading Weeds can be beautiful too

Signs of Autumn – my favourite season

A couple of months ago a bought a Canon 100 – 400mm zoom lens with the intention of hoping to improve my bird and wildlife photography. This is a slow process and I maybe get a couple of shots per session which areĀ OK. It’s hard stepping out of your comfort zone but rewarding learning new techniques. We live near RSPB Old Moor and spend time … Continue reading Signs of Autumn – my favourite season