When this is all over …

When this is all over …
This Is Tommy’s refrain at the minute.
Our conversations via FaceTime are discussions about what he’s been doing balanced with what he wants to do ‘when this is all over.’ I think many of us are feeling like that – what WILL happen in the future what will our new normal look like?
More to the point what are the things in our ‘old normal’ that are important to us and worth keeping?
A few days ago in our FaceTime conversation LJ said, ‘when I’m better mama and you are better and everyone is better, I can come to your house again.’ It made me tearful as I’m really missing her and Tommy
I asked her what she wanted to do and her list was literally all the things we do – with cuddles featuring heavily. You can see from the collage I made her what is important to her and what she wants to do.
Read stories
Splash in puddles
Bike rides
Play snakes and ladders
Go for a walk
Have a sleepover
Make bread
Have coffee
Eat cucumber (don’t ask!)
Play on iPad
Set up a bun shop
Do painting
Plant seeds
Have a picnic
Let’s hope our new normal makes us better people in every sense not just being medically ‘better’
I miss hugs, I miss that special time when I’ve just bathed them and they are wrapped in a towel telling me all about their day or their week.
Tommy and LJ have grown physically taller but they have been surrounded with love and have learnt to be more self sufficient – they look after each other and for 12 weeks so far they have been inseparable- a treat is a sleepover where they share a bed for the night. Tommy goes and tucks her back in bed if she’s upset, they’ve developed their own bubble.
Tommy now wants to know how many sleeps it will be before this is all over so if you have any suggestions for a response then please let me know Jane x

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