My garden is my sanctuary

…it’s messy, overgrown and deliberately left wild in places. It contains lots of what some people would call weeds but I love. Lots of dandelions, daisies, vetch. My pots are a random collection of old teapots, jugs, battered pots from previous years.

Blog Image - Food #5

My grandchildren love it – it’s full of snails, caterpillars and butterflies. They have their own magnifying glasses, binoculars (or goggles as LJ calls them) and watering cans.


For the last few weeks we’ve had 3 pairs of nesting birds. Two great tit pairs in boxes and blackbirds in my Russian vine/clematis mash up. One of the boxes is hidden by wisteria and so no chance of photos.


On a whim I placed a new RSPB box next to my greenhouse not expecting anything this year until climbers had grown around it. I was overjoyed that it became occupied and have spent hours sitting by my patio doors with coffee and camera. The birds and I have learnt to co exist – I don’t go outside when I can see them and photograph from a distance – an upstairs window. I made sure there was a ready supply of water, fat squares and seeds as well as my wild part of the garden which supplied lots of grubs.


My reward came this morning when I saw the first two youngsters fledge – I’ve had a huge smile on my face all day – the power of nature to give you a lift.




I’ll miss my little nesting birds but my aim for next year is to have a nest box with a camera inside šŸ™‚ x


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