Find your person

Some people don’t like me and some people do.

What a philosophical approach to life. Even more amazing when you realise this sentiment is from a four year old. We have always encouraged Tommy to be positive about his ‘little arm’ – it’s not a disability it just means he has to find different ways of approaching the world at times.

He followed this statement by saying ‘It doesn’t matter because Evelyn loves my little arm, she kisses and hugs it. She’s my best friend’ Tommy’s mum, Katie posted this on line followed by her take on this –

We could all learn something about this…. it only takes one person to be by your side and the rest don’t matter… my Tommy makes me think every day and makes the world so simple, he’s amazing


I posted this on twitter and kind people understood saying ‘the world needs more Evelyn’s and Tommy’s’ and do you know what – yes we do. Having a limb difference is an obvious difference – if your hand isn’t there it’s just obvious!

This post isn’t about that, although I have written about it in previous posts, this is about all of us needing support, needing friends and having someone who is our ‘person’. I’m lucky I have more than one. I have friends who support, who nag, who text, who love me warts and all. Who know my failings and are friends in spite of them. I have my ‘people’ and hopefully they feel the same about me. We talk a lot about health and well-being but actually just knowing someone ‘has your back’ and will support whatever mad cap scheme or crisis you are currently involved in.

Having friends who are ‘your person’ means you always have a safety net.

I turned 60 at the beginning of the year and find I care less about what the world in general thinks of me but more about my friends and family. I know the value of a handpicked dandelion from LJ rather than an expensive bunch of blooms. I know that Tommy explaining to me ‘when I say moon and back mamma – that means I love you’ is priceless.

Find your person and give them a hug  ( or a dandelion )x




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