Where’s his hand?

‘What’s the matter with his arm?’ A perfectly logical question from an inquisitive child. It’s happening more and more as Tommy is now at an age where he is mixing with children outside of the family. I want to gather him up, hold him tight and smother him with love and kisses. I want to protect him from the outside world, from the stares and the pitying looks. BUT I won’t as that won’t help him ( I may well smother him with kisses – I am a grandma after all) – instead I will smile and explain carefully that there is nothing ‘wrong’ with Tommy’s arm – it is just different to yours. No it doesn’t hurt, no it won’t grow back, yes he can use it. He isn’t disabled – that’s a negative term and there is nothing negative about this inquisitive, mischievous little package of joy. He is however, ‘differently abled’ he uses his feet instinctively he balances food on his little arm, he carries things in his mouth. He’s loveable, he’s cheeky, he can be naughty – he is just your regular toddler! Please don’t pity him or feel sorry for him, he’s determined, he’s loved and he’s just fine! Encourage your children to be open and honest, ask if they want to understand more. Model how you want them to behave when around someone who may be different. We are all different and if children learn that when they are young then that’s a good thing.
I’m learning so much from Tommy and am such a proud grandma x

Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV

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