Nurture 2015/2016

2015 has seen some amazing highs. Watching Tommy develop and grow into a confident and loving toddler, the birth of my beautiful granddaughter Layla-Jane, the visit to Kakuma and the support which followed, the final publication of the den book to name but a few. However, the whole year is tinged with sadness due to mum’s death at the end of June so I can’t write a ‘traditional nurture post’ whatever that is.

Instead I will use photos (what else?) to say thank you to many of the people who have supported me this year. Apologies if I have missed anyone – I know I will have and that many of my ‘virtual friends’ aren’t here as I don’t have your photos.


To all of you on here who have shown your love and support in hundreds of ways – a huge thank you and I hope 2016 is all you want it to be

J x

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