Why are there no left handed cameras?

Surely in this technological age it wouldn’t take too much to design and manufacture a left handed camera?

I’m a right handed photographer so didn’t give this a thought before Tommy was born with a missing right hand. He is now at an age where he is curious about everything but he loves my camera. Let’s be honest he rarely sees me without it. He is awesome and can do most things with one hand and the support of his little arm. He uses his mouth, his feet and his little arm without thinking – it’s the norm. BUT he can’t cope with a camera without my help. Yes I know I could set up a tripod, a remote release etc etc but where is the fun in that – he wants to play!

I love this photo – not because of its technical quality, not even because it has my beautiful Layla- Jane in it BUT because Tommy took it! (with help from his doting grandma)

Even toy cameras are all right handed so very difficult for Tommy to use alone. I’ve googled and researched but although there are societies which help people with different needs – to me it seems simple – can someone just make a left handed camera so I can share my love of photography with my grandson?!

His little arm doesn’t stop him doing anything – he’s a normal, loving mischievous little boy  can anyone help us?

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