Celebrating den building

For the past two years Cathy (@cathy_cross) and I have met regularly in Manchester (sort of half way between Barnsley and Liverpool). We have a favourite cafe and we have spent hours there just throwing around ideas and drinking huge cups of coffee.


We promised ourselves that when the book was completed we would celebrate here- with cake. I think you will agree that this is CAKE! Cathy had to take some home.


I had toast! – Well it sounds good until you actually look at the photo.

IMG_0765 (2)

We wandered around with our book, took photos, met new friends who were painting amazing street art (@aylo_nomad ) on bollards – celebrating amazing women in history – check out the @16daysStreetArt project.







The book is now available on Amazon HERE. It would make a brilliant Christmas present (shameless plug) – it’s amazing how animated adults become when they start to talk about the dens they made as a child – go for it – order the book and get those cardboard boxes and blankets out x

Den Building


5 thoughts on “Celebrating den building

  1. What would be the best resources to go with the book so I can order at same time? Big boxes from big yellow storage for example?

    1. Hi Tash, the beauty of the book is that we try to use resources you have at home but as a basic – yes large boxes from anywhere would be great, old blankets, tape, pegs etc -hope you enjoy it – we enjoyed writing it – please send us photos! Jane x

  2. Twitter competition! Best den people have made/remember winner is your favourite or picked at random. Winner gets to win a signed copy of the book 🙂

    1. Hi Natasha – thank you – we have planned a competition for after Christmas so it’s good to know that people like yourself might join in! Watch this space and enjoy your den building Jane x

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