Making a difference 

Six months ago I was invited into the Dearne ALC to talk about my experiences at Kakuma refugee camp.I was hoping that they would support us in our bid to raise money for classrooms there. We had witnessed appalling conditions and taught classes of over 200 children.

  I’ll be honest though I didn’t Know how much these pupils could raise as I knew it would be hard for them.  How wrong I was! These kids and staff are awesome. They listened in silence – I knew they were hooked. I just didn’t know how far they would take it. I’m sitting here awestruck literally having received a text today that said ‘we’ve done it’

Fund raisers, soaking teachers, summer fayres, cycling in reception and a current total of £5608 will build a whole classroom. This is life changing not only for the children in Kakuma but also for the children at the Dearne. What an achievement, pupils, staff, parents and community all working together to make a difference.

I hope that this is one of their ‘lightbulb moments’ a moment of pride, a sense that they can make a difference.

This is a classroom that was built following donations since our return from Kakuma and thanks to these amazing people there will shortly be a Dearne classroom In the middle of Kakuma

Thank you from the bottom of my heart you amazing people xx


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