Going through phases

I often find myself going through phases with my photography. Sometimes I never take my macro lens off, other times I convert everything to black and white. I’m always highly critical of my work and feel that nothing is good enough. How many of us live with ‘imposter syndrome’ and fear that we will be ‘found out’ as simply not being good enough.  I’m learning to relax and think if people don’t like my stuff that’s fine, I do, and that’s all that matters. I’ve been looking at some images of wild flowers from the summer and love the abstract feel of these. I used a zoom lens for these which meant I got that lovely dreamy background. Today’s thought for me to hold onto is that if i’m trying and if i’m slowly improving that’s ‘good enough!’

Wild flower Harlow Carr RHS Wildflower Harlow Carr RHS Poppy

Wild flower RHS Poppy

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