5th – 7th May

I’m waiting to go to the dentist so trying to occupy my head! I have  areal phobia about this. I know it’s not sensible or logical but then phobias never are that’s why they are phobias!! I’m bad tempered and have already snapped at my long suffering husband and drunk 3 cups of coffee. I have work to do but can’t concentrate hence messing with photos!

As its election day we’ve walked to our local polling station. This being Barnsley it’s actually someones garage but at least we live in a democracy and can vote.
photo (77)

Yesterday I noticed that the flowers I’d picked from the garden were drooping nicely! You can never actually arrange them as nature itself does. I photographed them on the kitchen windowsill to get the colours from the garden. I called at the local antique centre in the morning and bought a couple of new glass jars – these rae very cheap – they start at 50p but I love adding to my collection of photographic props. I also found an old iSpy wild flowers book! Bargain x

Only an hour to go before the dentist now x



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