30th April Dementia Diaries update

Today has been a day of two halves. The first half was a wonderful couple of hours at a Special School talking about Kakuma Refugee camp with a group of delightful young people who are all keen to make a difference.

On the way home I called to see Mum. whilst I went to get a chair she said clearly ‘Who is that woman?’ I knew this day was coming, I knew she was deteriorating but even though you are prepared it still hurts. On returning to the room dad had his head bent and was crying. What do you do or say in these circumstances? Who do you comfort?

I’ve felt cold and shivery for the rest of the day but my wonderful family, as always, has been there for me, as have my friends. I don’t know what the future holds but I know mum won’t get better. Do we hope for a gradual decline to keep her with us for longer or hope for a release from her suffering? She spent the rest of the morning asleep and making noises – I made dad leave – there is only so long you can sit and cry. He isn’t well, he is suffering from grief and guilt – this is one hell of  a cruel disease.

decay 2 RZ

4 thoughts on “30th April Dementia Diaries update

  1. You are right about the cruelty of the disease. It is foul. An idea that I’m sure you have thought of is to develop a memory book, not for mum but for dad. He needs to hold on to the good memories so that hopefully he can be stronger when he visits. Hugs xxx

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