2nd January 2015 2/365



‘Art is not what you see it’s what you make others see’ Degas

The end of an era! I love walking around Sheffield taking images of the Street art there – unfortunately one of the squares which had some amazing work has been demolished – only one piece remains – so sad!


The above image has had the filter ‘Lucis Art’ added via Photoshop – this creates an HDR effect without going over the top. It works well on buildings

The same area earlier this year


3 thoughts on “2nd January 2015 2/365

  1. Aw Sheffield was my second home growing up. All my grandparents lived there and I spent a lot of time in town and the surrounding countryside in school holidays.

  2. I’m based in Barnsley but do love Sheffield – spend a lot of time there wandering with my camera – and do odd days working with students at Sheffiled Hallam University

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