23rd – 26th April

Having spent the morning with mum – the challenge of a room full of people who are suffering from dementia listening to Meatloaf blasting out  – I felt decidedly tearful. It’s hard to not have the answers, it’s hard to reassure someone who is so confused. The twilight world that mum inhabits is hard to penetrate. She smiles at Tommy but doesn’t know who he is – she tells me off in one breath then worries I will fall down the stairs in the next!

Thankfully I spent the rest of the day with family – Ollie and Rosa love ‘baby Tommy’ (who I am sure will still be called baby Tommy by Rosa when he is 21!) and my equilibrium has been restored. The innocence of children, the joy in Tommy’s eyes all make everything ok again.

Walking him around the park allowed me to collect some dandelions to play with – there is beauty in everything – we just have to look x

RZ JMH_9476 JMH_9482 JMH_9449b

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