22nd – 25th March 2015

I have spent the last few days editing and categorising photos from our work in Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya. All of these images are suitable for use in schools. There will eventually be several folders but I have currently uploaded 170 high res school images and several more in a generic refugee camp folder to dropbox

If you want copies of these images I will send you a link to the dropbox in return for

either a donation to our #classroomchallenge just giving page


 (any amount)  – all money will go directly to build a new classroom.

Or – a commitment from you that your school will undertake some fundraising activities and donate the money to the #classroomchallenge.

If you contact me on here or DM me on twitter @janeh271 I will send you a link – these children deserve a new classroom!

We need to move from this classroom to the one at the bottom.




If you haven’t read Debbie’s blog yet – it explains what we are trying to do and includes more examples of images


You can buy photos from as little as 20p, through to huge posters for your classroom here:


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